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    Ways You Can Help

    Toys, Party Goods, and You

    We need toys, party goods, and your help in getting the word out to your co-workers, family and friends!!

    Serving children age 1 -17, we would be honored if you could provide any age group toy, gift card, or everything you would want to throw your own party or a party for a child you love.



    What are Fun Ways to help provide what "Celebrate Birthdays" Needs?   


    Have a dress down day at your company to benefit Celebrate Birthdays


    Have your Preschool/Bible Study class choose a different age each month and bring age-appropriate toys. Ask your customers, friends or neighbors to help “Celebrate Birthdays” with a toy drive or a "Birthday in a Bag" drive.


    For Businesses, allow us to set up a large gift wrapped box in your establishment to obtain Toys & Party Supplies. We’ll bring you some great birthday boxes to collect the donations in!


    Allow us to share Celebrate Birthdays mission at your next club or organization’s meeting.


    • Pull toys

    • Bath Toys

    • Puzzles

    • Blocks

    • Hit the Fisher Price aisle and have fun


    • Coloring books

    • Board games

    • Puzzles

    • Barbies

    • Baby dolls

    • Balls – basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, footballs

    • Stuffed animals

    • Girly stuff – hair accessories, lotions, nail polish, purses

    • Action figures

    • LegosTrucks/remote control cars

    • Craft Sets

    • Drawing Sets


    • Nail Polish

    • Makeup Sets

    • Bath and Body sets

    • Fleece Blankets

    • Axe Deodorant

    • Ear phones/buds

    • Adult coloring books


    • Old Navy

    • Wal-Mart

    • McDonalds

    • Sonic

    • Target


    • Candles

    • Party plates

    • Napkins

    • Cake mix

    • Icing


    Allow us to share Celebrate Birthdays mission at your next club or organization’s meeting